Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Bridge Is Back

The pond refurbishment is almost complete and trains can now run again.

The next job is to make the new station.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Pond Refurbishment Update

I was hoping to have the pond completed by now but the weather this month here in the Midlands has not been conducive to work on the railway with heavy rain showers, thunder and lightning. Over the weekend we dodged the showers and managed to empty the pond. Is was a slow process as we tried to save as much of the wild life as possible.
Saturday evening and the pond is almost empty.
Sunday afternoon and the pond is almost ready for the new liner - but what a mess!
The liner went in Sunday evening but the weather forecast for the rest of week is for more of the same so work may have to be halted for a few days.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

New Thomas The Tank Engine Video

Planning has begun on the next Thomas the Tank Engine video. The working title is "Thomas and the School Train". This will be my most ambitious video to date and will take several weeks to film and edit.
I've written the script, planned the scenes and I've made a couple of camera mounts for some of the shots that will be needed.
At the same time I'm still working on the pond refurbishment and the new terminus station.
GoPro camera mount.
Thomas camera mount. The camera cam be positioned to video the track as it disappears below Thomas's wheels.
Camera-eye view of the track.
Thomas's camera mount can be rotated to video his wheels and connecting rod as he races along.
Camera-eye view of Thomas's wheels and motion.