Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Extension Progress Update 7

Now that Winter is setting in work can only be done on rare dry days.
25th October - The blocks in the foreground mark the end of the extension
28th October - more blackwork done.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Extension Progress Update 6

It's now 7 months since planning permission was granted.

This photo was taken before any work had been done
The site was cleared in April and work started in May.

May, the greenhouse has gone and the curved viaduct has been dismantled
Work initially progressed rapidly but in June it came to a complete stop as we waited for the strawberries to crop.

The strawberries were delicious
Work started again in September and progress is being made on the station area.

The strawberry bed has gone. The strawberries are now in front of the shed.
The area to the right of Percy is for one of the platforms
The triangle is now almost finished
The next obstruction to progress is the rhubarb bed. Negotiations are at an early stage. The plan is to have it all completed for an open day now year in July or August.