Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Thomas and his Friends Next Adventure

Filming will begin tomorrow on Thomas' next adventure - Thomas and the Seaside Special, and it will be special as it will be jointly produced with the Pine Tree Junction Film Unit.

Emily watches as Thomas and James double head the special
Will 7 coaches be enough for all the people wanting to go to the seaside?
The children have already changed into their swimming costumes
Ready to board the Seaside Special
It's late into the evening when the Seaside Special returns

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Extension Progress Comes to a Halt

Work on the extension has ground to a halt! I should have removed the strawberry bed earlier, I can't dig it up now with such a good crop of strawberries ripening! So it’s going to be August before work can recommence.

Meanwhile at the other end of the railway the pond was unrecognisable as a pond so I've used the pause in the work on the extension to start refurbishing this area.



After - but still lots to do!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Extension Progress Update 4

The curved viaduct has now been completed - it now has 3 sections.
The sleeper wall just needs the painting finishing and the area behind it filled in.
The ground has been levelled and some planting done.

A general view of the triangle
The area behind the sleeper wall which needs filling in
The curved viaduct - the section nearest the camera has been modified with the angle grinder
An aerial view