Thursday, 12 February 2015

Toby Ex-works

Toby's transformation has now been completed.
  • Cab sides and all windows have been cut out.
  • All windows have been glazed.
  • Brass handrails have been fabricated and fitted.
  • Floors have been made for both cabs.
  • The centre section now has a boiler fitted.
  • Toby now works from a 12V re-chargable battery pack from Strikalite.

  • All radio control components are from Timpdon.
  • The sound card is from MyLocoSound - supplied by Peter Spoerer.
  • The smoke unit is a Seuthe No. 6 - supplied by The Engine Shed.
It would be nice to add some cab fittings. I'll have to see what is available from GRail or the 16mm show.


  1. Did you have much difficulty with the eye mechanism during conversion?

  2. Hi Martin. Not really, the mechanism passes through the middle of the cab. I've painted it matt black and with the driver in it's not really noticeable. I haven't tried to box it in as a box which be moire obtrusive than the mechanism. I've covered the inside of the eyes with a thin piece of black plasticard.