Thursday, 19 February 2015

50 Shades of Grey

I have decided to paint the walls but it seems that no one produces a dark grey masonry paint. So I bought a tin of light grey and a tin of black and decided to mix my own.

Top Tip
Start with black and lighten it - not the other way round!

I now have over 2 litres of medium grey and have run out of black. To use up the paint I've base coated everything in it and I still have almost 2 litres left.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Winter Maintenance 2

More track has been taken up and the trackbed and walls pressure washed. I'm tempted to paint the walls as they are looking very shabby.

Toby Ex-works

Toby's transformation has now been completed.
  • Cab sides and all windows have been cut out.
  • All windows have been glazed.
  • Brass handrails have been fabricated and fitted.
  • Floors have been made for both cabs.
  • The centre section now has a boiler fitted.
  • Toby now works from a 12V re-chargable battery pack from Strikalite.

  • All radio control components are from Timpdon.
  • The sound card is from MyLocoSound - supplied by Peter Spoerer.
  • The smoke unit is a Seuthe No. 6 - supplied by The Engine Shed.
It would be nice to add some cab fittings. I'll have to see what is available from GRail or the 16mm show.

Friday, 6 February 2015

Winter Track Maintenance

This photograph which was taken last November shows that the track near Birdlip Junction was rapidly disappearing under a blanket of moss.

The ballast has been removed, the track taken up and the moss wire-brushed off the walls.
In the background at the station area the engine shed, station building, lampposts and platforms have been removed for cleaning and refurbishment.

Toby in the Workshop 9

All of the electronic bits and pieces have now been fitted and here are a couple of pictures of the wiring mess which will be hidden inside Toby's body. Everything seems to work and the top still fits on - just.