Sunday, 4 January 2015

James in the Workshop 2

 Stage 1 is to strip out all of the original wiring - PCBs, switches and pick-ups.

The complete wiring harness removed.

Stage 2 is to create more space in the boiler for all of the components that need to be placed here.

This is being done by bending over the two metal plates.

Here are most of the components that need to be fitted, except for the speaker. The receiver and speed controller are from Timpdon Electronics, the smoke unit is a Seuthe No. 6 10-14V from Gaugemaster, and the wiring harness, 12V battery pack and sound card are from Peter Spoerer.

The battery pack will now fit above the motor.

The funnel has been drilled out and smoke unit glued in place, held by coffee stirrers while the glue dries. The operation seems to have sent James cross-eyed!

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