Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Trains in the Rain

Pine Tree Junction film unit visited the Sandwell Valley Railway again this week. The weather was dull, cold and rainy, not really Thomas world weather which needs sunshine and bright colours. On the other hand the steam from live steam engines looks great on cold days so a different type of video was called for. After taking some very atmospheric video of the PTJ steam engines, my newly converted (to battery and radio control) Accucraft Baguley Drewry came out to play. The radio control system is from Timpdon Electronics and the sound unit, which sounds fantastic, is from Peter Spoerer Model Engineers.
Here's the video:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Preparation for the next Thomas the Tank Engine Video

Preparation is underway for the next garden railway video - 'Percy Runs Away'.

The new camera mount
A photo taken from the new camera mount
Facial recognition works on Percy!
The camera has had to be mounted upside down, but this isn't a problem as the video editing software allows the picture to be rotated.
The story also requires a signal box which the SVR does not have so one has been purchased from T&M Models. It is currently under construction.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Embankment Repairs

Very little work has been done on the railway this year, but the embankment by the pond had never been completed since it was put in place in 2001.
So this year it has finally been clad.

The embankment was made from Thermalite Blocks which have begun to crumble.
Preparations under way
The embankment clad with edging stones