Friday, 1 July 2011

Bridge Construction Completed

The aim is to complete a 'figure of 8' loop passing through the 'railway station' shed - leaving the back garden circuit on the left of the garden.  The bridge will carry the line back over itself.  A viaduct will then carry the track down gradient at 1:30 to re-join the back garden circuit on the right hand side of the garden.

The completed bridge roughly positioned for testing alignment and clearance.
To the left of the bridge there will be another viaduct section and to the right a further two straight viaduct sections.
Looking back to the recently constructed embankment and tunnel mouth where the railway emerges from the shed.
After passing over two further viaduct sections the track will follow the line of the flowers to join up with the back garden circuit just out of sight to the left of the picture.  Mrs Beeching's conservatory which necessitated the re-bulding and extension of the railway can just be seen on the right.
The way ahead.
As the viaduct will be too high to easily step over another bridge, an under arch this time, will be constructed in the middle of the viaduct which can be removed to allow access to the back garden.
Another view of the bridge - looking back towards the shed.

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